Not Storm Shadow: it became known what Ukraine used to hit the S-400 “Triumph” in Crimea

Yury Kobzar20:29, 08/24/233 min.1

Journalist Yuriy Butusov found out what weapon the Ukrainian army used to destroy the “analog” air defense system of the Russians.

Yesterday’s attack on the Russian air defense center in Crimea, during which the 48Я6-K1 “Podlet” air reconnaissance radar and the launcher of the S-400 “Triumph” anti-aircraft missile system were destroyed, was carried out by the “Neptune” cruise missile of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

Yuriy Butusov, the editor-in-chief of the “” portal, announced this .

He noted that the destroyed radar was supposed to provide surveillance of both low-altitude targets and ballistic missiles attacking from a high altitude. 

“The radar provided control of the air situation over the western part of the Black Sea and over the territory of the Kherson region from a distance of approximately 110 km from the front line,” the journalist noted.

However, the Ukrainian defenders still managed to bypass this system. 

According to Butusov, the Navy used a new cruise missile of the Neptune land-based missile complex to defeat the radar and programmed its route to bypass the Russian surveillance system. 

“One Neptune missile at a very low altitude went unnoticed and accurately destroyed the Podlet radar, despite the large forces of Russian air defense, concentrated in the occupied Kherson region and Crimea,” Butusov writes. 

The fact that the moment of the strike was recorded by a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone, which flew unnoticed far behind the Russians, is also noteworthy. 

Therefore, the publicized Russian radar could not detect either the missile or the drone.”

Even during the war, Russia continues to deliver Triumph air defense systems and Podlet radars to Turkey and India under the old contracts.

But Russian military technology in this case is obviously inferior to Ukrainian military technology,” the journalist noted. 

Destruction of the Russian “Triumph”

As UNIAN wrote, on August 23 , a Russian S-400 “Triumph” long- and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed by a missile strike at Cape Tarkhankut . 

It happened around 10 am. 

As a result of the explosion, the complex itself, anti-aircraft missiles and personnel were completely destroyed.

As Andriy Yusov , a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine , explained, the destruction of the “Triumph” will have systemic consequences for the development of events on the peninsula. 

The Russians have very few such systems, they are expensive and are considered the best of what Russia has.

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  1. Cool! The Neptune missile seems to be a very well-developed weapon. It also sank the Moskva.

    • Yup, ofp. As I wrote yesterday, Ukraine should focus on developing and producing missiles and drones. That makes much more sense than building yet another self propelled howitzer, in competition to Césars, Archers, Zuzanas, Krabs, Paladins, PzH 2000, etc etc. Focus on your points of excellence, Ukrainians!

      • Those would have more immediate influence by isolating the battlefield and making long range strikes to take out Russia’s oil infrastructure that Russia itself needs badly. In the long run, producing other types of weapons makes a lot of sense, but not right now.

        Taking out the grain export infrastructure in Novorossiysk makes a lot sense as well. Novorossiysk is the largest grain export port for Russia, as well as oil export port.

  2. “Even during the war, Russia continues to deliver Triumph air defense systems and Podlet radars to Turkey and India under the old contracts.”

    There is one born every minute. India must be sick of getting burned fingers from dealing with the mafia state. The bribes must be really good for them to keep buying this junk.

  3. Biden banned the use of American made weapons for attacks on Crimea. So, than the Neptunes. These weapons the Russians can not see coming anyway.

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