Lukashenko sends greetings and advises Ukrainians to use neighbourliness to end “confrontation”

Self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has once again sent greetings to the Ukrainian people on the Independence Day and hinted that Belarus could help achieve peace, even though he helped Russia attack Ukraine and its capital.

SourcePul Pervogo, Telegram channel of the President of Belarus

Details: Lukashenko said that “many generations of Belarusians and Ukrainians have lived in harmony and respect for centuries”, trading, creating families and raising children, “courageously fighting fascism together, rebuilding a common state in the first post-war five-year plans”.

Lukashenko added that these peoples “share character traits: they are hardworking, diligent, respectful of elders and their traditions, and original culture”.

Quote: “Having gained independence more than three decades ago, both countries have chosen independent paths of development, building a future for which we must create safe opportunities for the dignified coexistence of the entire region. 

We must use the preciousness of our neighbourliness to end the confrontation. The Belarusian side is ready to do everything necessary for this and even more. I believe that we can do it.”

Details: Lukashenko wished all the people of Ukraine to “very soon” reach peace on Ukrainian land that is priceless and necessary for all people of good will.

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  1. Hey Luka…fuck you and everyone who surrounds your sorry ass. Looking forward to you just dropping dead!

  2. ‘Just in case you win, I will pretend to be friendly, but what I’m really saying is although you are winning, surrender because we are all brothers and on the same side against the rest of the west. But just in case you win, I’m your friend, always was, always will be so please don’t start on me even though had my bum boy pal putler looked likely to win, I would have jumped on the bandwagon so fast you’d think it was a remake of the Human Centipede.’

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