Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

August 24, 2023

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine.

Can the people really be happy in this terrible war? Are there reasons to be happy, in the face of daily death and destruction?

Yes, there are reasons. The biggest one, freedom.

The entire global population, with perhaps the exception of a very few, thought that the country would succumb to the cockroach horde in short order when the rat king sent them across the borders to conquer.

Yet, this did not happen. After some quick gains in the early stages of the illegal war, the cockroaches had lost 50% of their gains. Thus, it not only utterly failed to take the land in short order, it had lost half of the little it did have.

It also failed miserably to murder the president – several times. Others, too, were to be murdered, and the crime syndicate failed in all attempts.

Ukraine even regained an island, despite having practically no navy to speak of. This is more than enough reason for the ruskie to hang their heads in shame.

Currently, the country is striking back against mafia territory itself, nearly every day, both at military and civilian targets. It’s bringing home the war that the warmongers want so much. Just like the Nazis in WWII, the russian (lower case on purpose) Nazis will also learn what it means to be thrown out of their beds in the dead of night when an explosion shatters their sleep.

More than a quarter million of their “soldiers” have been liquidated. Masses of their tanks, artillery, and other military vehicles and equipment are nothing but rusting, burned out hulks, scattered across Ukraine’s fertile countrysides. Many more have been captured and are being used by Ukrainian soldiers to kill their former owners.

Numerous cockroach generals have been lost, many of them killed, while others have been fired for incompetency.

The russian federation (lower case on purpose) has been reduced by Ukrainian courage to go begging for help in other countries … in Iran and North Korea! This must be the epitome of embarrassment!

Ukraine, on the other hand, has managed to increase the production of certain weapons and types of ammunition, sometimes even drastically, such as artillery and mortar rounds. It is developing new drones continuously. Not only flying ones, but land drones and sea drones, some of which have achieved spectacular results. Ukraine even has the capacity to design and build new weapons, such as artillery systems and rockets. It was a Ukrainian Neptune that sent the Moskva to the fishes.

Ukrainians have learned how to use and maintain an entire plethora of Western equipment. Not only that, they are using them very effectively, despite the hype of losing some here and there. War is war, and losses are to be expected.

There are even foreign companies who see what great potential the country has and are investing in Ukraine right in the middle of this war. Rheinmetall is a prime example. The company is building a factory right now, which will soon open to produce new weapons.

I could go on, but these are just a few examples as to why the Ukrainians can still be happy. They have not only survived the onslaught, but have cut down their enemy to size. The Ukrainian people can be proud of their accomplishments. They can go with raised heads for they know what they have accomplished, what they are currently accomplishing, and what they will accomplish in the future. This war has exposed many positive traits in the Ukrainian man and woman and even children, which were unknown to the world before. They know that they are greatly respected all over the globe, and they deserve it.

So, yes, the Ukrainian people can still be happy, and in some ways, more than ever.

Слава Україні!
Героям слава!


  1. The leadership of the free world must act now to bring the putler horror to an end and ensure that never will an Independence Day in future be blighted by the evil presence of putinaZi hordes.

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