Germany transferred additional Patriot missiles to Ukraine

Vitaly Sayenko17:34, 08/24/231 min.

Another 10 UAV detection systems and 40 RQ-35 HEIDRUN reconnaissance UAVs were also provided.

Germany handed Ukraine additional missiles for the Patriot air defense complex .

As reported on the website of the Federal Government of Germany, 5.4 billion euros have already been allocated for the initiative to strengthen the security potential of Ukraine in 2023 (2 billion in 2022). 

In particular, the message dated August 24 states that missiles for the Patriot have been provided.

Also provided are 10 more UAV detection systems (previously Ukraine received 93 such systems), 40 reconnaissance UAVs RQ-35 HEIDRUN (previously Ukraine received 20 such systems), 16 Zetros trucks (previously Ukraine received 140 such trucks), 510 thousand cartridges for small arms (previously Ukraine received 22 million cartridges).

Also, in the future, Germany plans to provide Ukraine (aid that is at the stage of preparation for delivery).

We are talking about 90 drone detection systems, another 42 Zetros trucks (a total of 94 such trucks are planned to be delivered) and 31 million rounds of ammunition for small arms.

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