Yevgeny Prigozhin killed in plane crash says Russia

Yevgeny Prigozhin CREDIT: Wagner Account/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Yevgeny Prigozhin has been killed in a private jet crash in the Tver region north of Moscow, Russian agencies have reported.  

The Wagner mercenary boss was on board the aircraft when it crashed killing all 10 passengers, authorities have said.

According to Russia’s federal air transport agency: “An investigation of the Embraer plane crash that happened in the Tver Region this evening was initiated. 

“According to the passenger list, first and last name of Yevgeny Prigozhin was included in this list.”

The flight appears to have been travelling between Moscow and St Petersburg. Wagner-linked Telegram channels have reported that the plane was shot down by Russian air defences.

Mr Prigozhin led an abortive coup against Russia’s military leadership in June, which ended after Wagner fighters were promised amnesty in neighbouring Belarus.


  1. So, Prick-Goes-In bought the farm eh?
    Maybe, maybe not. Who knows, in that Godforsaken place?
    I am sure that Ukrainians will be upset. NOT.

    • Heroyam slava! Nice gift for flag day! The world will be much better now after this nazi left the world for his one way ticket to the eternal Kobzan concert……..

  2. Who could have predicted this, but this bastard got his much deserved end. Not for going up against Putler, but for the sadistic war crimes against Ukrainians.

  3. ‘Contract was out on Prigozhin for weeks’
    DT : “A contract may have been out on Yevgeny Prigozhin for some weeks, according to a former British intelligence officer.

    Christopher Steele told Sky News: “We heard some weeks ago from a source that a contract had been put out on Prigozhin in Russia by senior members of the business community.”

    He suggested that Vladimir Putin may not have authorised the assassination himself, addingL “It certainly looks as though it may well be a revenge attack by somebody in the elite.”

  4. Comment from Jonny Dangerous:

    “Jonny Dangerous
    1 MIN AGO
    “Wagner has apparently made this statement, grab your 🍿
    “There are rumours about the death of the head of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin. We directly say that we suspect the Kremlin officials led by Putin of an attempt to kill him!
    If the information about Prigozhin’s death is confirmed, we will organize a second “March of Justice” on Moscow!
    He’d better be alive, it’s in your own interests….”

  5. It appears that not only Prickozhin died, but that other nazi, Dmitri Utkin, also was on the plane. russia are denazifying russia.

  6. This was inevitable.
    There can only be hero in the kingdom and it had better be the king.
    Dumbass should have kept marching on Moscow.

    • Better still, the Wagner Telegram channel are claiming that russian air defences shot the plane down.

  7. Updated at 21:45 . Journalist Andrii Zakharov cites sources and claims that Prigozhin and the management of the “Wagner” PMC flew to Russia from Africa today.

    Updated at 21:35. Prigozhin has died, reported the state TV channel Russia 24.

    Updated at 21:30 . The fact that Prigozhin was on board the plane that crashed in the Tver region is also reported by Sobchak with reference to sources.

    Updated at 21:20 . The leaders of “Wagner” confirm the fact of the death of Prigozhin and Utkin, said one of the leaders of the Zaporizhia region of Rohiv. According to him, the information was confirmed to him by “prominent musicians” with whom he communicated.

  8. What times are these, when one feels almost sorry for a mass murderer, just because he hadn’t been as unscrupulous and totally evil as Putler himself. Rest in hell, Prigozhin.

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