Update from Ukraine | Denys Davydov (video)


The decisive moment in this war | Ukraine may go all in to Tokmak

Denys Davydov Telegram Channel https://t.me/pilotblog


  1. “He was disappointed, you can see his in his face (Liar-ov).”

    Liar-ov’s face always looks like a horse, but yes, he was a disappointed horse. And, the Africans didn’t even offer him any oats upon his arrival. And those semi-Ukrainian flags draped over their backs!

    I agree that Putler is heading for a nervous breakdown. At least, it sure looks like it on the video. He’s much like Hitler in late 1944, when it was obvious that the war was lost.

      • Yes, and especially the confounded look in his stupid face for a brief moment when the rat realized … it’s not there anymore!😂

        • I will try to quit alcohol again. Pray for me i will succeed, Franky. I am of way more value to Ukraine and our Empire when sober. Glory to the Angles!

          • I don’t know… 🤔 You’ve done well writing on here while being drunk.
            Just kidding. I will have a word with the Big Guy for you, Mikey. 🤟

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