U.S. does not support Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow

23.08.2023 11:20The United States “does not encourage or enable” attacks targeting objects on Russian soil, said a spokesman for the U.S. Department of State, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

This was reported by Reuters, Ukrinform saw.Ukraine decides for itself how it should defend against the Russian invasion, which the Kremlin unleashed in February last year, the spokesman added.

He noted that Moscow could end the war at any time by withdrawing its troops from Ukraine.This statement was made against the background of another drone attack on Moscow overnight Wednesday, August 23.

The United States constantly declares that it does not support Ukrainian attacks inside the Russian Federation.

As reported, on Day of the Ukrainian Flag, explosions are heard again in the capital of the aggressor state, and the “Carpet” response plan has been introduced in Moscow airports.

A group of drones attacked Russia again last night. A number of buildings and cars were damaged.



  1. Assgivers! Speak for yourselves, losers! Americans support Ukraine, but most politicians sponsored by big tech and China are corrupt cowardly WHORES! 🖕

  2. It is totally ridiculous that we ever had no mafialand hit restrictions, and downright bonkers that Western Allies still insist on this. 🙄

    • Such a shame. Ukraine facing invaders to the East and traitors to the West. But Ukraine will prevail.

  3. Who cares what the West says or things in this War. If America was attacked, I’m sure they would attack the attackers. The Hypocrisy is sickening.

  4. Why does the Biden administration have to constantly remind the world that they are dickless, sackless, spineless cowards? We already know this!

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