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The bodies of the owner of PVK Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and the military commander of this group, Dmytro Utkin, were found at the scene of the accident and identified. 

This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU , which is considered to be close to one of the “towers” of the Kremlin.”The bodies of Prigozhin and Utkin were discovered and identified.

At 9:30 p.m., the bodies of all 10 people on board Prigozhin’s plane were discovered.

The main official version is an “explosion in the sky”. Representatives of the military unit, near which the air defense is stationed, went to the scene of the accident,” – the message says.The GRAY ZONE telegram channel, which is close to PVK Wagner, also reports the death of Prigozhin as a confirmed fact.

The “leader” of the Wagner group, the Hero of Russia, a true patriot of his Motherland – Evgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin died as a result of the actions of Russian traitors. But even in hell he will be the best!” – writes the channel.

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  1. Updated on 23.10 . The Russian state agency Rosaviatsia confirmed the deaths of Prigozhin and Utkin.

    “According to the airline, the following passengers were on board the Embraer – 135 (EBM-135BJ): Propustin Sergey, Makaryan Evgeniy, Totmin Aleksandr, Chekalov Valeriy, Utkin Dmitriy, Matuseev Nikolay, Prigozhin Evgeniy. Crew members: Levshin Aleksei, commander ; Karimov Rustam , co-pilot; Raspopova Kristina, flight attendant,” the message reads.

    Rosaviatsia emphasized that the flight was carried out “on the basis of a permit to use the airspace issued in accordance with the established procedure.”

    Among the dead was another deputy of Prigozhin – Valery Chekalov, who was responsible for the work of the security service of the “Wagner” PMC.

    Valery Chekalov, who died together with Yevgeny Prigozhyn, was the only one who knew about the businessman’s movement – he was the one who managed the transport logistics of the founder of PVK Wagner and his closest entourage.

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