Opinions about Prizoghin aircrash

Anton Gerashchenko

advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineIt doesn’t matter if Prigozhin was alone on this plane or together with [Prigozhin’s “right hand”, Wagner PMC commander Dmitry] Utkin. One thing is clear: Prigozhin was eliminated by [Vladimir] Putin. He was not going to forgive the betrayal, as well as the humiliation and fear that he experienced during the “cook’s” rebellion.Whether the plane was shot down by Russian air defense, or it was blown up from the inside, or it was a technical malfunction – it is obvious that this was done solely in the interests of Putin. Colonel Generals [former commander of the joint grouping of Russian troops in Ukraine and the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation Sergey] Surovikin and [Colonel General Mikhail] Mezentsev, who supported Prigozhin’s coup, get ready!

Bellingcat investigative journalistIt looks like it’s safe to assume that Prigogine was on board. Several [my] sources who previously served in the Wagner PMC claim that [Prigozhin] as part of a delegation of nine people flew from Mali, where he tried to prevent the GRU from ousting the PMC from that country and Africa as a whole. The delegation was returning, having previously stopped in Belarus.

Andrey Zakharov

investigative journalist, author of materials about Prigogine in Fontanka, RBC, BBC and ProjectAs for Prigozhin, I can say so far: today he really flew to Russia from Africa, with him was the entire command staff of the Wagner PMC. “It will be a miracle if he is on  another plane ,” they tell me.

Ksenia Sobchak

JournalistAccording to my sources, Prigogine was still on board.Absolutely clear signal to all the elites, in fact. Everyone who had any seditious thoughts – both about the course of the NWO , and about it in general.

Yuri Fedorov

Russian military expertIf [the plane] had been shot down by an air defense missile, then a smoke trail would have been visible on the video, I have not seen a trail yet. If eyewitnesses did not see a rocket taking off and a trace from it, then the version with air defense is in question. If it falls like that, then there could be an explosion on board or what can be called a terrorist attack.If the plane falls so chaotically, as seen in the video, then it has completely lost control, the rudders do not work. There was a complete failure of the control systems, this can happen as a result of an explosion inside the aircraft, which is generally logical.

Alexey Venediktov

journalist, former editor-in-chief of the Ekho Moskvy radio stationBusiness jets are carefully checked before boarding. And if the passenger is not, then this is noted on a special sheet. In addition, there are cameras at the departure point in the Vnukovo-3 VIP lounge — and you can see who is leaving the hall on the airfield. True, taking into account two simultaneously departing [in the same direction] aircraft, passengers [before takeoff] can change places without fixing.

Plane crash of Yevgeny Prigozhin 
The businessman was on the list of passengers, but whether he was on board is unknown. Main
2 hours ago

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

politicianThe penultimate one I will regret is Evgeny Prigozhin. He ordered me, but life seems to have decreed otherwise. Nevertheless, we are dealing with yet another extrajudicial massacre. If this was a normal state, and not a shaman named after Putin, then one could [could] be tried or amnestied for the rebellion.But you can not kill outside the trial, especially when a person is not hiding. But in a gang, this is the only way, because hell knows what he could say in court.

Alexander Baunov

political scientistOne of the technologies of punishment within a dictatorship is to bring the enemy or traitor closer before being destroyed, or at least make peace and pretend that [he] is forgiven. It’s like in the movies about the mafia: the warring groups and their bosses get together so that later one shoots the other with a cake. Or [like] in The Godfather, where everyone makes peace before [starting to] destroy each other.

Ekaterina Shulman

political scientistBut in order to hide forever, taking one of the many spare passports, a burned-out plane is also a good excuse. The raven will not collect the bones, the ends are in ashes, the trail is cold. Quel roman que ma vie !

Margarita Simonyan

propagandist, head of RTAmong the versions under discussion is a staging. But personally I’m leaning towards the more obvious one.

Roman Saponkov

“military officer” associated with Prigozhin’s structuresThe assassination of Prigozhin would have catastrophic consequences. The people who gave the order don’t understand the mood in the army and the morale at all.”

Evgeny Popov

State Duma deputy from United RussiaThis is a terrorist attack in the Russian sky. It must be investigated. The perpetrators must answer.

Zakhar Prilepin

writer and politician openly involved in the Russian invasion of UkraineI won’t believe it, how much more is possible … the whores are already having a holiday. Fucking holiday. These holidays have already shaken them for nine years. Zhenya, Yevgeny Viktorovich, live a little longer.

Sergey Markov

pro-Kremlin political scientistIt’s definitely Ukraine that killed Prigozhin. For Putin, Prigogine is no longer a problem. For Shoigu, Prigogine is no longer a problem. Big bosses don’t take revenge because they have too many real problems and real enemies. This is a terrorist attack on Ukraine’s Independence Day.


  1. “This is a terrorist attack on Ukraine’s Independence Day.”

    Does this rabid nazi even realize the plane was in russian skies? Or does he really believe the Ukrainians moved a Buk across the border deep into Mordor, shot the plane down and then returned back over the border without any Moskali seeing them?

    This is a good example of why the Moskali must be crushed, not just defeated. They need to be decimated and obliterated beyond recognition so that they can start over. Like Japan did 80 years ago.

  2. “Nevertheless, we are dealing with yet another extrajudicial massacre. If this was a normal state, and not a shaman named after Putin, then one could [could] be tried or amnestied for the rebellion.But you can not kill outside the trial, especially when a person is not hiding. But in a gang, this is the only way, because hell knows what he could say in court.”

    This gang is what makes mafia land a crime syndicate, and like any other mafia, extrajudicial murders are the norm.
    If Prigozhin really is dead, there might very well be repercussions in mafia land for Vlad. If Prigozhin was smart, and had anything important to say about Putler, then he made arrangements for this to happen for after his murder to expose the rat.
    We’ll see in both scenarios.

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