Japanese Prime Minister announces US $7 billion worth of assistance to Ukraine

 23 AUGUST 2023

Japan will provide Ukraine with assistance worth up to US$7 billion.

Source: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, speaking online at the summit of the International Crimean Platform, reports Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: “Japan will constantly provide various assistance in the amount of up to US$7 billion, depending on the needs,” he said.

Kishida added that Japan will use its experience and knowledge in post-war recovery and disaster recovery to provide assistance.

The Prime Minister of Japan once again stressed that his country consistently supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including the Crimea, and will continue to work closely with the international community, in particular with the G7 countries, as well as join the sanctions against Russia.


During 2023, Japan planned to provide Ukraine with financing worth up to US$3.5 billion.

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