“I’m not surprised”: Joe Biden commented on the death of Prigozhin

Violetta Orlova22:37, 08/23/232 min.798

The US president said that he had foreseen such a development.

US President Joe Biden commented on the information about the death of the head of PMK “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin. 

On the evening of August 23, his plane crashed in the Tver region of the Russian Federation , eight people were on board, including Prigozhin himself, the commander of the “Wagnerivites” Dmytro Utkin.

Responding to journalists’ questions, Biden, leaving training, noted that he still does not know much about the events in Russia. 

“Perhaps you remember when you [the reporter] asked me about him [Prigohyn], I said that I would be careful about what I drink and what I drive. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I didn’t surprised,” he said.

The US president said he “doesn’t know enough” to answer further questions on the matter, telling reporters: “I’ve been training for the last hour and a half.

“Earlier, at a press conference in Helsinki in July, Biden joked that in Prigozhin’s place he would “watch what he eats, watch his menu . “Biden added that “little is happening in Russia, regardless of what Putin is behind.” 

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