China likely helped Russia build defense fortifications in Ukraine, WSJ

Yury Kobzar14:49, 23.08.232 min.

China dramatically increased the supply of excavators to Russia just as the invaders began to build fortifications.

China probably helped Russia in the construction of fortifications on the captured territories of Ukraine. 

This is evidenced by the nature of some trade contracts between the two countries, writes The Wall Street Journal .

The publication notes that in the first seven months of the current year, the volume of bilateral trade between the countries increased by 36%. 

At the same time, there is a lot of equipment in the supplies that has a dual purpose and can be used for military purposes.

By a “strange” coincidence, Russia more than tripled its imports of Chinese excavators just as the Russian army began to set up its defensive positions after the end of the autumn counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

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  1. No surprise here, many of us were suspecting and following the money trails. Both overtly and covertly Winnie-dapooh is sponsoring and engaging in terrorism and genocide.

    • China will continue to feed Putin’s war machine as long as they continue making profits from it. Its really bad that sanctions are not put on the co-sponsors fueling Putin’s crimes.

  2. Bat virus land is actively aiding and abetting this criminal shithole. YET, we continue doing business with the virus land, just like we did – and still do – with mafia land. WHEN will our money sucking shitheads learn from our many mistakes?

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