A Russian combat helicopter flew to the military airfield of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, – mass media

Yury Kobzar15:07, 23.08.231 min.1

The helicopter landed without damage and can enter service with the Armed Forces.

The Russian Mi-8 combat helicopter landed at one of the military bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

This was announced by the chief editor of the “Censor.Net” portal Yuriy Butusov .”

Censor.Net sources in the leadership of the Armed Forces confirm the information of Russian bloggers that a Russian Mi-8 combat helicopter flew to one of the air bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine some time ago,” he wrote on his Facebook. 

It is noted that the helicopter is completely intact, and it will be able to be used for the needs of the Armed Forces after a detailed inspection and study of the equipment. 

There is currently no information about crew members.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video” Ukrainian Pravda ” sources in the special services claim that the event was the result of a long-term special operation of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.  “

It was a special operation of the GUR that lasted more than 6 months. Ukrainian intelligence lured the pilot of the Mi-8 AMTSH to Ukraine.

The plane made a flight between two airbases and transported parts to Su-27, Su-30 SM fighters. T

ogether with the pilot, there were two crew members who did not know where the helicopter was actually flying,” the newspaper writes. 

It is claimed that the Mi-8 landed at one of the airfields in the Kharkiv region. 

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  1. Yesterday, the cockroaches destroyed their own T-90 tank. Now, this chopper gets handed to Ukraine on a silver platter. The quality of mafia land’s “army” was never good, and it’s going downhill rapidly.

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