A mass “exodus” of Russians began from Crimea: they leave their houses and curse their army


Despite the calming statements of the occupying authorities, the 2023 tourist season in Crimea turned out to be the most disastrous for the entire post-Soviet period, and housing sales have also dropped sharply. Moreover, there is already an “exodus” of Russians from the occupied Ukrainian peninsula, where they moved in the hope of a heavenly life.

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“Who needs an apartment under fire?”

Russia is barbarously building up the occupied peninsula, but over the year (from July 2022 to July 2023), the number of housing purchase and sale transactions in new buildings has fallen by almost 40%. Russian realtors are already openly saying that this is due to uncertainty, the proximity of hostilities and complicated logistics. The situation is no better in the secondary market.

In any case, there are practically no Russians who are ready to invest in housing in Crimea. Previously, those who decided to move here permanently, as well as for summer vacations, bought, but now the situation has changed dramatically. Russians admit that they are afraid of hostilities on the territory of the peninsula and missile. “And who needs an apartment under shelling?” a resident of Simferopol told OBOZREVATEL.

rest Crimea
The russians do not want to live and vacation under fire.

Forced return

Russian media have published information that many Crimeans are buying housing in the Russian Krasnodar Territory, where demand for real estate has grown by 40-50% over the year. However, according to our interlocutors, in the occupied peninsula, it is mostly not about the native Crimeans. First of all, the Russians are fleeing, who, after the occupation, decided to arrange a heavenly life for themselves in the Crimea – relying on cheapness and a wonderful climate. However, a full-scale war made its own adjustments.

Russia has turned the occupied peninsula into a gigantic military base, and now numerous targets of the aggressor are a legitimate target for strikes – and they have been occurring with enviable regularity lately. At the same time, the Russians are afraid of “an even greater escalation” – this is how they covertly call Ukraine’s desire to regain control over the seized peninsula.

“The liberation of Crimea for the Russians is like a red rag for a bull. But if before they just laughed in the face, now they are really afraid of such a turn. Many occupiers from the command staff who were sent to serve in Crimea moved their families here and got their own housing. Now almost a mass exodus of those who came back to Russia began,” the source of OBOZREVATEL in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea said.

Among those who decided to move to the Russian Federation, there is also a small part of the “indigenous” Crimeans. And these are mostly collaborators who fear retribution for betrayal.

It is interesting that both the Russians and the traitors of Ukraine are now cursing the Russian army, which, despite self-confident statements, was unable to “protect”.

Worst season ever

“The season of 2023 is probably the worst in the history of Crimea, sales fell by 80% compared to 2021 and by 30-40% compared to last year,” Boris Zelinsky, co-founder of the Kandahar group of companies, told Russian media. And the occupying “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov claims that the occupancy of hotels on the peninsula is now about 40-45%, and on the South Coast – almost all 80%. However, local residents deny this – according to them, the figures are much lower.

“The tourist flow is at a minimum. Yes, Yalta, Alushta, Gurzuf are still at least somehow full, but hotels and resorts are crammed with Russian military. It can hardly be called the choice of tourists,” our interlocutor shared.

Quite a “gloomy” situation among private owners who rent out housing for recreation. They were the first to feel the refusal of the Russians to go to the Crimea. If hotels and sanatoriums have reduced prices by 30%, just to lure vacationers, then in the private sector, discounts reach up to 60%.

A mass "exodus" of Russians began from Crimea: they leave their houses and curse their army
To vacation on the Crimea is now rather dangerous.

The fact that tickets for trains to Crimea departing from the Kazansky railway station in Moscow can again be bought in 90 days also speaks about the decrease in the tourist flow. But this does not change the situation either. And every statement by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the MOU, Kirill Budanov, that Crimea will definitely be liberated makes not only the occupiers nervous, but also the “ordinary” citizens of the aggressor country – they lose their money (or even their lives) they definitely don’t want to.


  1. Yes, another “ruskies flee Crimea” article. Fact is, the longer this war lasts, the less desire there is for these creatures to stay there, especially with the increased attacks by Ukraine.

  2. “It is interesting that both the Russians and the traitors of Ukraine are now cursing the Russian army, which, despite self-confident statements, was unable to “protect””

    Interesting that these orcs blame the army, but not the terrorist that brought this destruction to Crimea.

    This also goes to show how these so-called experts from the West claimed that at the beginning of the war, Crimea was an unsinkable aircraft carrier that Ukraine will never take. So much for unsinkable. All ships from the Black Sea fleet are dispersed far and wide. The Kerch bridge is almost rendered inoperable, and now the orcs fabled air defence is shot to all hell.

    • I was wondering… How many times was the West wrong in this war? Kyiv was to fall in 3 days, Ukraine in 3 weeks, Ukrainians can’t learn to use this or that in such a short time, Ukraine doesn’t need F-16s, it doesn’t need long-range capabilities … and so on and so forth.

  3. I think it shows the lack of expertise in these so called experts. If Ukraine had listened to them, Kyiv would have fallen in 3 days.

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