The Russian forces are in panic, they are sending last reserves to hold Ukrainian Attacks (video)


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  1. Warthog produces good videos; always with an upbeat message and I thank them for that.
    The flip side of that is that the casual observer may think that the situation is more rosy than it in fact is.
    Ukraine is short of combat troops, short of MBT’s, short of ammo, short of MLRS’s, short of long range fires and will not have the aircraft they needed to take out putinaZi attack helis, protect Ukraine’s skies and degrade the enemy until next year.
    Already the recalcitrance of the allies has condemned Ukraine to at least another year of war and genocide from the most putrid nazi regime in history.
    The obvious solution : allied ground troops with air and sea support, has been completely ruled out. Which is very depressing for Ukraine, because it means new member Finland can expect NATO to leap into action if attacked, but Ukraine is forced to tolerate a huge, despicably evil enemy inflicting unspeakable horrors on civilians; especially including children. We now know for sure that the Russian public delights in the murder of little Ukrainian children. Furthermore, the bastards are secure in the knowledge that whatever evil the kremlin murder gang inflicts on Ukraine, no one will ever come to their help.
    A shameful state of affairs.
    The Ukrainians need at least another 100,000 combat troops, and a constant supply after that. They must assume that the putinaZi war machine is simply not going away. In fact the evidence is that they are enjoying themselves.
    The allies are providing only 20% of what Ukraine needs. The alt-right and alt-left in the US are gathering strength and Republican pro-putler candidates for 2024 are performing better in the polls than the pro-Ukraine bloc, which consists of only three.

    • Boy, if that little precious girl at the end of the report doesn’t grab your heart you don’t have a pulse. I pray she can return home and her smile returns. Putin has stolen SO MANY childhoods.

      • Agree 100%.
        But at least the little girl is safe.
        This is the dilemma for Ukrainian mothers with small children whose fathers are fighting or in a protected profession. Do they remain and try to keep the children’s lives as normal as possible, or leave the country?
        In Germany for example, they will end up in a hostel. It will be clean and well-run, but they will have to share kitchen, bathroom facilities and living space with others and who wants to do that?
        In the U.K. or Poland, they are more likely to be sharing the home of a volunteer. Then it’s the luck of the draw; some might end up in luxury with a rich family or a celebrity like Rod Stewart or Dominic Cumberbatch. Others might be in more humble, possibly cramped accommodation.
        Unlucky ones might be scammed, exploited or required to provide “services.” (Although I have not heard of specific examples of this).
        Either way, it’s impossible to make plans, so they are stuck in limbo with no end in sight to putler’s horror.
        If they have a marketable professional skill set, they can do well. Others have to live on state handouts plus cash in hand work like cleaning, gardening etc.
        Men of fighting age who ran away face another problem. They can’t stay where they are after the war, but will find it difficult or impossible to return. Employers will want to know their war record before hiring them.
        The Ukrainian authorities are planning for the post war situation. I think it will involve mass immigration to get the economy rolling again.
        But first they must win.
        I read an article that said that Ukraine must build an army of 3m in order to win and survive afterwards.
        I will post it.

        • I think that will happen once the Moskali are taught a lesson and we get a chance to organize. Besides that, Ukraine has now put down a huge stake in the ground depicting the line of freedom. It has moved several hundred km to the east and she will get help. If NATO is smart they will jump on and enjoy the ride and fill out that 3 million. A permanent NATO base in Sevastopol would do just that.

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