The Ambassador told what surprise Paris had prepared for Kyiv on Independence Day

Adriana Bubnovskaya15:32, 08/22/232 minutes.2

The French want to forever honor the courage of the Ukrainian people.

On Independence Day, Paris is preparing several pleasant surprises for Kiev and Ukraine, said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to France Vadym Omelchenko.

In an interview with,  Omelchenko said that when Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was in Kiev, she met with President Zelensky, who then presented Paris with the insignia of the savior city.”You remember that in the first days and months of the invasion, Paris became a refuge for Ukrainian refugees who left for other cities or countries.

Anne Hidalgo promised to name one of the squares in Paris in honor of the capital of the Ukrainian state, the city of Kiev and the people of Ukraine.

The Council of Paris voted for this is a decision, and on August 24, on Independence Day, it will be opened in the very center of the city – near the Elysee Palace.

This is a sign of respect, because the French want to forever honor the courage of the Ukrainian people,” he said.

Omelchenko added that there is another good news for Ukraine – on Independence Day, the Eiffel Tower will glow with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“This will happen for the second time, and this is an unprecedented decision: before, only the colors of the French flag could be seen on the tower.

No other country, except Ukraine, was revered so by the French. The yellow-blue light of the Eiffel Tower will be seen all over the world,” he clarified.

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  1. Really nice. Too bad 45% (I think that was the polling number) of the French population consider Putin to be a strong politician instead if the murdering scum bag that he really is. I would have expected that from the krauts but not the frogs.

  2. I expected some nice weapons when I read the title. These are nice gestures, but they won’t kill any orcs or destroy their stuff. So, yes, it’s a disappointment.

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