Repair Battalions – on the Frontline: Bergepanzer-2 helps AFU (video)


The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the course of hostilities with the Russian occupation forces continue to destroy enemy equipment. However, combat vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine often find themselves under the blows of Russian shells. Repair battalions are engaged in the evacuation and repair of damaged equipment. To take vehicles out of the battlefield, they have their own special equipment.

Recently, the German tracked armoured service station – Bergepanzer-2 appeared in the evacuation team of the 63rd Separate Mechanized Brigade. The vehicle was handed over to the brigade as part of military assistance to Ukraine from international partners.

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    • Yeah, great to see that this specialist tank is being put to good use. Lots of respect for the brave guys who ride the Bergepanzer to the frontline, often under enemy fire, and salvage valuable vehicles for the army. To fight another day. Geroyam slava!

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