Operator Starsky speaks to The Times

F-16s will have a ‘crucial’ effect in Ukraine | @StarskyUA

And it’s a very good episode:


  1. It is believed that Ukraine now has some supplies of long range (75m) AAM’s. As soon as they are retrofitted to the MiG’s and SU’s, we can hopefully expect putinaZi helis, including Aligators, to get marmalized.
    OS says that Ukraine urgently needs 20
    more Patriot systems.
    Surely that is being prioritized?

    • I hope that, at least with regard to air defense, the West won’t pussyfoot around so much.

  2. Sir Scradgel, this was an outstanding interview. I felt Starsky was professional, sincere in his answers and extremely knowledgeable. I’m always concerned about our morale, screw the Moskali morale although it great to hear it’s continuing to suffer, as this war goes on I’m sure there will be battle fatigue. Not being a military guy, I don’t know how you fight fatigue except to continually have a rotation plan. I’m sure our leaders are doing what they can, I just hope we can keep the morale up not only for our fighting heroes but also all the civilians who are going through their own anxiety.

    • The cockroaches don’t rotate. They fight fatigue with alcohol and drugs. Once the survivors get to go back home, the few that will make it, they will be physical and mental wrecks.

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