No one is going anywhere anymore: fuel has completely disappeared at gas stations in Russia

Elena Kovalenko16:49, 22.08.232 minutes.987

In the Russian regions there is no fuel at gas stations.

Against the backdrop of massive anti-Russian sanctions imposed in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian regions began to complain about empty gas stations .

According to RosSMI, both diesel and gasoline have disappeared from sale. 

There is no AI-95 or AI-92, even at inflated prices. The lack of fuel is felt in the Krasnodar Territory, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions. 

Also, there is no fuel at gas stations in the Novosibirsk, Ryazan and Samara regions, as well as in Kalmykia. In addition, gasoline disappears in the occupied Crimea. 

“Now we are working on low residues, practically from wheels for all types of fuel. There are no AI-92, AI-95 and diesel at some gas stations in the region,” said Ekaterina Savkina, managing partner of the gas station network in the Samara region GP Vympel.

Last month, there was not enough AI-95, now some gas stations do not have AI-92 and diesel,” said German Kolotov, director general of Mosregiongaz LLC, working in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, noting that the problem arose due to a violation of the deadline for delivering goods by railroads. 

Allegedly, trains from Central Russia with oil products go several weeks longer than usual, which is why there is a shortage.

The shortage is also reported by farmers who complain about the lack of diesel fuel.

The absence of diesel sales at gas stations in the southern regions was confirmed by Vladimir Matyagin, President of the Association of Freight Carriers Gruzavtotrans, noting that at some gas stations customers are specifically told that the fuel dispenser is broken, he noted.

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  2. “Allegedly, trains from Central Russia with oil products go several weeks longer than usual, which is why there is a shortage.”
    As I wrote recently, sabotage of russian railways, in sparsely populated rural areas where there can’t be effective safeguarding, is the way to go. Resistance fighters, stop all those trains! 🙂

  3. Darn, and they drank all the strong alcohol, so they can’t even use that for their Ladas.

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