Netherlands to give Ukraine about 1,000 portable mine clearing charges

22.08.2023 22:56A decision was made to provide Ukraine with about 1,000 portable mine clearing charges which can make passages in engineering barriers.

“A decision was made to provide Ukraine with about 1,000 portable mine clearing charges which can make passages in engineering barriers,” Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said during a meeting with Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov,

Ukrinform reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

She also emphasized that the Netherlands would continue to work to meet all Ukraine’s needs, in particular for air defense systems which are a critical component for preserving the lives of Ukrainians and the state’s infrastructure.

“We were very happy to announce the next step in strengthening air defense, namely the transfer of F-16 fighters. We have already agreed on training programs for Ukrainian pilots.

We plan to start training at a center in Romania, we have F-16s available for training. Of course, we understand that preparation involves a further transfer, and as soon as there is an opportunity, everything will be done.

We all already know very well how quickly the Ukrainian military learns, there is no doubt that the training will be completed, but it will also be necessary to integrate all this into the logistics system and into the system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular the Air Force.

This is not only a question of training, but also a question of capabilities and technical support. But we are already working on it.

We have made a commitment. Everything will be done as quickly as possible,” Ollongren emphasized.

The Minister of Defense of the Netherlands thanked Reznikov for his tireless efforts in encouraging foreign partners to do more than they are doing now.

In particular, she expressed her gratitude for transparency and clarity in the formation of Ukraine’s needs and creative approaches to the process of finding solutions.

In turn, Reznikov emphasized that “F-16s is a powerful step.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of this decision made by the Government of the Netherlands.

“Minister of Defense of the Netherlands Kajsa Ollongren arrived in Kyiv today. She spoke at the VI International Veterans Forum “Ukraine. Defenders.

The Future”, organized by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine.Photo:

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