Explosions are heard in Crimea, the Kerch Bridge has been blocked

Lyudmila Zhernovska22:07, 08/22/231 min.1

The occupation authorities did not comment on what was happening.

In the evening of Tuesday, August 22, explosions are heard in occupied Sevastopol . 

This is reported by local Telegram channels.At 9:30 p.m., the channel of the “Information Center for Highways about the situation on the road approaches to the Crimean Bridge and preparation for the inspection” reported that traffic on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily suspended.In Sevastopol, the sounds of explosions and automatic gunfire are reported. 

Meanwhile, Russian channels write that the sounds of explosions in Sevastopol are heard due to the training of units of the Russian Armed Forces in Cossack Bay.

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  1. Updated at 22:30: The Gauleiter of occupied Sevastopol Mykhailo Rozvozhaev wrote in his Telegram channel that the fleet is conducting training firings in Kozachi Bay until 23:00. “Everything is calm in the city,” he said.

    • Orcs lie….you can never trust them

      “”Updated at 23:00 p.m.: The Russian Defense Ministry said it had spotted MQ-9 Reaper and TB2 Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea that conducted aerial reconnaissance in the Crimea area.”” after explosions and sent fighters up into the sky

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