Bulgarian Minister of Defense in Odessa: “We will supply about a hundred armored vehicles to Ukraine in autumn”

The contract with the defense department of Ukraine on the transfer of about a hundred armored vehicles of various types is planned to be ratified by the Bulgarian Parliament by the end of September – the beginning of October.

This was announced during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine Odesa by Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev.

We are talking about Soviet-style armored vehicles, which are now in Bulgarian warehouses.“

In order for this to happen, a contract between our ministry and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine must be ratified. 

This is the prerogative of the parliament, which will return to active work in the fall and will deal with this issue,” said Todor Tagarev. 

“I think that by the end of September-beginning of October we will reach ratification, after which we will be able to start the issue of transfer.”

In addition, the minister noted that since the first months of the war, the Bulgarian industry has been doing everything to cover the needs of the Ukrainian Defense Forces for ammunition of various calibers, in particular, 120 mm, 152 mm and 155 mm.



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