APU broke through to Rabotin: the evacuation of Ukrainians began (photo, video)

Vitaly Saenko, Veronika Prokhorenko10:45, 08/22/232 minutes.2808UPDATED

The soldiers of the 47th brigade entered the village with fighting and began to take the civilian population to safe areas.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are evacuating residents from the village of Rabotino, near which Ukrainian fighters have made progress in recent days and now the Russians are shelling this settlement with artillery.

Updated 10:45  

For their part, the soldiers of the 47th Motorized Brigade confirmed that they broke into the village and reported the first details of the evacuation.“

We waited a year and a half for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We grabbed things, documents and fled, throwing those packages away along the way, because life is the most valuable thing.

And then these guys from the 47th brigade took us out in a tank,” people say about their salvation.

So far, those who managed to be taken out of Robotinoye are being examined by military doctors. They are in a safe place, they were given the opportunity to call their relatives, the 47th OMBR notes.”

We will publish footage from the village of Robotino a little later for the SAFETY of our soldiers.

Fighting continues and we are gaining a foothold on the achieved lines,” the soldiers said in a statement.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar in Telegram .

“The soldiers of the 47th brigade, which entered the village of Rabotino with a fight, organized the evacuation of civilians on the Bradley BMP,” Malyar stressed.

According to her, Ukrainian fighters carry out planned combat work and destroy the enemy.”

In response, the Russians are continuously shelling Robotino with artillery. Fighting continues,” Malyar said.© photo t.me/annamaliar© photo t.me/annamaliar© photo t.me/annamaliar© photo t.me/annamaliar© photo t.me/annamaliar© photo t.me/annamaliar1 / 2APU entered Robotino

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