Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated Robotyne – the village under the complete control of Ukraine

August 21, 2023

According to incoming information, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in all likelihood, completely released Robotyne on Monday.

The units of the Ukrainian army advanced significantly in Robotyne and took the settlement under almost complete control. According to incoming information, almost the entire southwestern part of the village is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to other sources, the Ukrainian army is already in full control of the village.  The General Staff has not yet made official statements. Drone footage, exclusively obtained by the Kyiv Post, shows units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that are still fighting and may be participating in operations to clean up the remnants of Russian forces in the tactically important village of Robotyne. A fragment of the video is published by the Telegram channel “Ukraine 365”.

A video of a Ukrainian tank firing from a coaxial machine gun at a Russian position less than a hundred meters away has also appeared on the Web. The tank is supported by an infantry fighting vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, firing its own weapons, a heavy machine gun or an automatic cannon.

“Ukrainian armored vehicles stationed in the central/southern part of Robotyne and firing from the south confirm claims of a Ukrainian offensive. The village is likely completely liberated. Vehicle locations: 47.444303, 35.839193,” video analyst Kyle Glen comments.

The response of Moscow’s ground forces appears to be limited to small arms fire, with no movement of Russian troops or equipment visible in the 4-minute, 20-second video of the battle. Toward the end of the video, Russian anti-aircraft-rocket-artillery fire is launched on Ukrainian equipment. The video ends with Ukrainian combat vehicles deploying anti-missile self-defense grenades as one of them retreats at high speed. Promotion of the Ukrainian military in the village of Robotyne. Almost the entire southwestern part of the village is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Note that there is new information about the retreat of the Russian army in the Robotyne area. 

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