Trump refused to participate in the Republican primaries against the rules

Yuri Kobzar13:48, 21.08.233 min.362

The ex-president of the United States believes that everyone already knows him, so he does not have to follow the rules.

Donald Trump will not participate in the first debate between potential Republican presidential candidates, which will take place this week. 

It is reported by CNN .On Sunday, the former US president took to his own social network to say that voters already know who he is. 

“The public knows who I am and how successful my presidency has been. That’s why I won’t debate!” he wrote.

But it wasn’t immediately clear from that statement whether he meant he was withdrawing from the primaries altogether, or simply taking part in the later stages of the debate, which is scheduled for September. 

After that, Trump’s adviser separately explained to reporters that Trump could still take part in a later debate, but no final decision was made.

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  1. What can you say; Putin lite.
    The3 rules don’t apply to him, the rule of law is meaningless, the constitution is an obstacle to his own personal glory, Which is the only thing that matters to him.
    A true avatar of chaos.

  2. The public knows who I am and how successful my presidency has been………………….

    Show me the list of successes? That blank.

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