The US Bradleys are leading the charge on Robotyne, Russians are retreating.


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  1. “US significantly increases production of 155-mm shells to provide to Ukraine – WP”

    The article mentions, “In the near future the range of artillery ammunition sent to Ukraine will include more cluster munitions, officials say.”

    I wonder if “range of ammunition” suggests they’ll be sending more than just 155-mm shells – maybe the “M26 DCIPM unguided cluster rocket munitions for HIMARS and M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems” mentioned in an article posted here last week.

  2. Things are getting desperate in the shithole!

    The scum in uniform wasn’t very convincing with his version of the truth about term of contract or money!

  3. rashists have had a major brain drain. And their mogilization has, is, and will further deplete their labor force across the board. Just like the illegal Crimean Bridge, many cracks are forming and soon more parts of it’s structure will come apart.

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