Russia’s ghost fleet: (video)


Uncovering the Covert Grain Trade from Occupied Ukraine

In a collaborative special report from Scripps News and Bellingcat, new details emerge about the covert movement of valuable grain by Russian ships from occupied Ukraine to global ports, often bypassing international sanctions.

On June 24, 2023, the Mikhail Nenashev, a Russian cargo ship, was captured in satellite imagery in Crimea, loading grain from Ukrainian lands under Russian control. From Crimea to Turkey, and finally to Iran, the Nenashev’s journey reveals a systematic, years-long effort to profit from Ukraine’s vital grain resources, affecting the global grain market.

Using Marine traffic data, the satellite imagery, and extensive research, this video uncovers the complex web of shipping routes that enable Russian vessels to evade conventional tracking methods. Working alongside research firm Lloyd’s List Intelligence, Scripps News and Bellingcat have identified numerous suspect ships operating since the invasion began, expanding Russian influence in the Black Sea.

Join us for an insightful and comprehensive look into a secretive trade that’s reshaping global dynamics, and understand how Russia’s concealed operations are robbing Ukraine of one of it’s most valuable assets.

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  1. If these ghost ships are sunk, there can be no complaints, as technically, they don’t exist.

  2. This exposes yet another aspect of weakness of the West, to join the many others. Sanctions work … my ass.

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