Kamikaze drone crashes at Russian military airfield, damaging aircraft

 21 AUGUST 2023


A kamikaze drone crashed at the Shaikovka airfield in the Kirov district, Kaluga Oblast, Russia, on the morning of 21 August. Early reports suggest a plane was damaged.

Source: Vladislav Shapsha, Governor of Kaluga Oblast, on TelegramBaza, a Russian Telegram channel

Details: The available information says the drone crashed at the military airfield in Kaluga Oblast’s Kirov district. Though Russian officials have not disclosed the name of the airfield, there is only one airfield in the area, the Shaikovka airfield.

Baza reported that a plane that was “not in use” was damaged as a result of the drone crash.

Governor Shapsha claimed that a drone strike was repelled in the Kirov district and that there were no casualties, and infrastructure facilities in the area were not affected.

Background: In June 2022, Russian Tu-22M3 bombers launched missiles at the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchuk from the airspace of Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation.

Dozens of people were killed.

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  1. Ukraine is on a roll! Another airfield strike, and other “damaged” mafia plane. Very nice!

  2. And this is not even the beginning. But it is certainly the foreplay of the beginning of Putler’s end.

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