Destruction of Tu-22M3: Z-patriots whined that the Russian Federation lost a plane that it can no longer produce

Marta Gichko09:42, 08/21/231 min.3084

Due to technical regression, the production of these bombers is no longer possible.

The attack on the Soltsy airfield provoked a real hysteria among the Russian “military correspondents”. Several propagandists immediately announced that Russia would no longer be able to replace the destroyed Tu-22M3 bomber. In particular, the Z-channels Rybar and Zhivov Z write about this. 

According to them, the Russian Federation can no longer produce such “birds” due to the degradation and backwardness of production. 

“We have lost a plane that we can no longer build due to technical regression,” the propagandists write.

Publications of "military correspondents" / screenshot
Publications of “military correspondents” / screenshot

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  1. What is “technical regression”. Anyway didn’t the Moskali say the plane was only damaged? Put some duct tape on it and fly it to hell.

  2. “Due to technical regression, the production of these bombers is no longer possible.”
    Translation: due to unitary corruption, dilapidation of technical infrastructure, abscondence of scientists and engineers, we are incapable of building anything except explosive tanks, spiral-flying missiles, and Ladas.

  3. I don’t know why the Ukrainian Air Force alerts Russia with such small scale attacks, instead of building up an arsenal and then going all in with like three dozen drones. Now that airfields are forewarned, the next attack will become more difficult. “Boot ’em, don’t spatter ’em!” (Guderian)

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