Deliveries of F-16: Russia accused Denmark of escalation and threatened with victims

Yuri Kobzar14:31, 21.08.232 minutes.344

According to the Russians, Denmark is forcing Ukraine to fight with Russia.

Russia will consider the supply of Danish F-16 fighters to Ukraine as an “escalation” of the war . 

This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Denmark Vladimir Barbin .

“Hiding behind the thesis that Ukraine itself should determine the terms of peace, Denmark, by its deeds and words, seeks to leave Ukraine no choice but to continue the military confrontation with Russia,” the statement says. 

Barbin, who represents the aggressor country in this war, also claims that Denmark’s military assistance “pushes Ukraine into the abyss, and condemns its population to new victims.”

The goals of the special military operation in Ukraine to ensure Russia’s national security will be achieved,” he said.

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  1. More threats from the putinaZi turds.
    There is a very good answer to this :
    Every decent country that has F16’s in storage should send one squadron each to Ukraine.
    Then their ambassadors can say :
    “Ok you can start threatening us now too, you nazi shitstains”

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