Ukraine will receive 42 American F-16 fighters from the Netherlands – Zelensky

Katerina Schwartz15:42, 08/20/231 min.137

The President of Ukraine announced the agreements reached.

Ukraine will receive 42 American F-16 fighter jets after training pilots and engineers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said following talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

“Mark Rutte and I have agreed on the number of F-16s that will be provided to Ukraine after the training of our pilots and engineers. 42 aircraft. And this is just the beginning. Thank you, the Netherlands!” – he wrote in Telegram.

Zelensky called the agreements reached another step to strengthen Ukraine’s air shield.

“The planes we use to keep Russian terrorists away from Ukrainian towns and villages,” he added.

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  1. Good, but how many NATO-countries we have? 50 planes from Turkey would be nice too, or France, or Italy , or even Germany?

    • Ukraine should have had that and then some by all the allies by now. However foresight and being proactive are qualities Western “leadership” just can’t seem to muster.

    • Germany doesn’t have any F-16s, only Eurofighters (Typhoons) and Tornados. The Tornados will be retired soon. After this decision by Netherlands and Denmark (what about Norway and the US, btw?), maybe Scholz will follow their lead, too. The Tornado, a twin-engine, variable-sweep-wing multi-role combat aircraft, would be the right step towards Nato ordinance for SU-24 crews.

  2. About four squadrons worth. Just in time for the counteroffensive!
    Of 2024.
    That is very very good news of course. Hopefully more offers will follow. Ukraine is a huge country and will need 200 of these eventually.

    • Yeah, it’s sad that half a year has been wasted, mostly because of delays by the US, but if those jets arrive in time for a winter offensive, that’s at least something to look forward to.

  3. So far so good. Still all efforts are worthless. There needs to be a detailed plan what the counter-offensive will look like, when could it start, and what mix of arms, planes, drones, choppers, tanks, minesweepers etc. is needed. So far it seems some weapons will be sent here and then, and Ukraine can figure out how to effectively use them somehow. This isn’t gonna work.

    • Even more vital: those fucking Nazi monsters intend to attack the energy infrastructure again; probably even more, as well as apartment complexes, schools etc.
      Therefore, before the heating season comes, there needs to be installed many, many more air defence systems, including Patriots.

  4. There are over 4000 F16s built, so there is plenty around to offer Ukraine. 42 is a good start, but 420 would be better.

    • Yeah, foccusser, but it’s not clear if those are included in the 42 jets or not. I guess they are, with the other 23 provided by the Netherlands and maybe Norway. What about the US, the producer of that combat aircraft and owner of the largest fleet of them? Crickets. Imho it’s embarassing how Biden delays decisions, thus preventing victories, apparently in mortal fear he may provoke Putin. He ain’t no Roosevelt and he certainly ain’t no Churchill.

      • I think the 19 are separate from the 42 donated by the Netherlands, I might be wrong of course.

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