Russian moon mission fails: spacecraft crashes into the moon

Aug 20, 2023 at 11:22 am

Russia’s first lunar landing mission in 47 years has ended in failure. 

The Luna-25 spacecraft became out of control in orbit toward the moon and crashed.Russian space-state company Roscosmos reports that contact with Luna-25 was lost shortly after a problem occurred when the craft entered pre-landing mode. 

“The lunar lander entered an unpredictable orbit towards the moon and crashed there.”

The previous lunar mission was in 1976 with the Luna-24. Luna-25 was supposed to make a soft landing on the moon’s south pole on Monday.

Russia has not invested in space missions for a long time since Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel through space in 1961.Russia wanted to trump India with the Luna-25. 

That country hopes to land on the south pole of the moon this week with the Chandrayaan-3. China and the United States also have far-reaching ambitions for moon landing missions.

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  1. Your Sunday laugh.

    I think most of us expected it to end this way though.

  2. “Russia wanted to trump India with the Luna-25.”

    The we have to be first syndrome strikes again. First in space, now totally irrelevant, first supersonic plane, crashed then disappeared altogether. First to land on the South pole of the moon, as you guessed, another epic failure. I see a pattern here.

    • It was their first moon mission for 50 years. By the time they make their next one, the US will probably have people living on there.

  3. They said the would land on the moon,
    Never said anything about in how many pieces.
    But man! What a huge metaphor for the whole Putin era?

  4. All I hope is that all this is like a signal sent back to the orcs announcing their irremediable and imminent destruction.

    Forgive me invisible presence. But I hate them so much! Amen.

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