Near Moscow, Russian Guardsmen fired at children with blanks (video)

Angela Bachevskaya22:12, 08/20/231 min.196

At least one child was hurt.

In the Moscow region, employees of the Russian Guard opened fire towards the audience, injuring a child. 

This is reported by the Russian Telegram channel  of the Cheka-OGPU.The incident occurred in the city of Elektrostal during demonstration performances. 

“The soldiers of the National Guard decided … to shoot the spectators with children (fortunately, blank cartridges).

Small children screamed and clutched their heads and fell to the ground,” the report says.

In the video, you can hear how the children begin to scream, covering their ears. 

At the same time, the sounds of shooting continue. 

According to the channel, one of them received serious damage from a bounced cartridge case.

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