Big losses of the Russian Federation near Taurida: 27 units of military equipment destroyed


In the Tauride direction, the defense forces continue to successfully inflict damage on the Russian occupying forces, both in terms of losses in personnel and in the technical aspect. In the confrontation between the Ukrainian military, over a thousand fire missions have been completed over the past 24 hours.

This was announced by the commander of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria” Alexander Tarnavsky in the Telegram channel. Over the past day, the loss of the enemy in killed, wounded and captured amounted to 232 people.

“The work of the Defense Forces continues in the Tauride direction. In general, over the past day, the enemy attacked our positions 16 times and carried out 626 attacks, inflicted 15 air strikes,” he said.

According to Tarnavsky, artillery units of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction completed 1,248 fire missions during the day.

Over the past day, the loss of the enemy in killed, wounded and captured amounted to 232 people (dead – 79, wounded – 153).

The Ukrainian military destroyed 27 pieces of Russian military equipment. In particular:

  • six tanks,
  • six IFVs,
  • eight artillery systems and mortars,
  • one MLRS,
  • one ATGM,
  • one LNG,
  • one UAV,
  • two vehicles,
  • one unit of special equipment.

The Defense Forces also destroyed six ammunition depots and one command and observation post.

Minus 27 units of military equipment: big losses of the Russian Federation in the Taurida direction announced

As OBOZREVATEL reported, SSO snipers showed how they eliminate the invaders in the Donetsk region. The defenders once again accurately and efficiently worked on the positions of the enemy.

“My shot is already in the hundreds, more to come!” – said one of the heroes of the video.

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