AFU changed tactics due to heavy losses at the beginning of the counteroffensive – The Economist

Artem Budrin22:50, 20.08.232 minutes.

Instead of trying to quickly break through to Russian positions, the defenders of Ukraine focused on artillery strikes.

The Ukrainian command revised the tactics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces due to  the heavy losses suffered in the first days of the counteroffensive. The Economist writes about it  .

Citing a source in the Ukrainian General Staff, the Western publication writes that Ukraine received only 60 Leopard tanks, despite promises of hundreds. 

It is also noted that the Ukrainian army has a shortage of demining vehicles.”We no longer plan operations associated with heavy losses.

The emphasis is now on oppression of the enemy: artillery, drones, electronic warfare, and so on,” the source said.

Another problem is Russia’s advantage in the sky. For this reason, the Ukrainian generals tried to delay the counteroffensive as much as possible.”

We simply don’t have the resources for the frontal attacks that the West is calling us to,” the military man added on condition of anonymity.

It is also noted that in June the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost a lot of military equipment, because the invaders were ready for defense and mined almost all the fields near their positions. 

After that, the Ukrainian command changed tactics and the Ukrainian Defense Forces began to act more cautiously.

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  1. Citing a source in the Ukrainian General Staff, the Western publication writes that Ukraine received only 60 Leopard tanks, despite promises of hundreds.

    But to start the offensive without the promised goodies is also not so smart…………….How many losses? 3000? 4000? For what?

  2. It’s obvious the west is big talk no action except for the real friends…the Brit’s, Danes, the Dutch, the Poles, the Baltic countries. God bless them.

  3. there are also Ukrainians who say that the French deliver what they say, unlike others who speak before, during and after for the same thing, who resell the same stock three times.
    the strategy of striking deep is currently made possible by two countries, England and France, of which one is extolled and the other denigrated at every opportunity… as long as one does not seek the “medal fair”, we can spit a little …. it’s not my idea of ​​greatness 😉

    as for the Poles and their attitude vis-à-vis the export of Ukrainian cereals, the “true friends” will have their ears pulled by Europe. moreover they do not meet democratic standards and in the end they employ North Korean workers… it’s so Christian to make slaves work for the benefit of a dictator – it’s the icing on the cake! 🙂
    in short, there is still a lot to say…

    I take advantage of this because I like to be fair to people and not steal – to give something back to Caesar:

    I consider that the last two things that made the aggression against Ukraine possible were Obama’s failure to enforce his red line in Syria (France was ready to act, England I forget) and Germany’s gas policy. The children of the Nazis brought fascism back to Europe, which is really a great pain, and it is above all a prejudice for all the peoples of Europe, who must invest in armaments to the detriment of culture, medicine and the fight against climate change, which has deadlines to meet so that it does not destroy our societies – and that we still do not meet despite the irreversibility of the phenomenon.
    Merkel said that Russian gas was cheaper… me too, if I go and buy a TV from the mafia, it will be cheaper, but that supposes that there is a cuckold somewhere. When Germany underpays for its gas, it benefits from a distortion of competition, and yet it underinvests in its army, and both upstream and downstream of its economy, is chained more than reasonably to regimes dictatorial…
    at the beginning of the conflict, I told myself that Germany, with its Leopards, was going to be able to repair History a little, I was happy for them for the young Germans – but no, the German tanks were the only ones unable to fight the fascism! dad America had to show the Germans how to get a tank out of the garage. I hope they will become adults and responsible…pubescent, with europeans balls.
    probably also that the feeling of being indebted for reunification must have predisposed Germany to fault…

    despite all this, Merkel saved Ukraine with the Minsk agreements, whose army was about to be swept away by that of the “separatists”…

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