Zelenskyy announces “powerful things” for Ukrainian Independence Day

18 AUGUST 2023

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced “powerful things” to strengthen Ukraine by Independence Day on 24 August. News for Ukraine is being prepared together with partners in the EU and with those countries where bilateral cooperation has not been sufficient.

Source:Zelenskyy’s video address on 18 August

Quote: “We are preparing powerful things for Ukraine, strengthening our state, our warriors…”

“We are doing everything so that on the eve of the Independence Day of our country, it can be said that Ukraine has taken another step towards the circle of the strongest states in the world.”

“Our team is currently working particularly intensively.”

“You will see the news for Ukraine. We prepare them with our neighbours in the EU. And also in those regions of Europe where our cooperation with the states has not yet been sufficient…”

“Next week is the time of important events for Ukraine. We will not lose a single day of preparation. We will not miss any result for Ukraine.”

Details: Zelenskyy said that he started the day [18 August] with a conference call: As always, the front is the first question. Military reports. The situation on the front line. Reports from government officials regarding the supply of weapons and ammunition. A report from the Security Service of Ukraine regarding military enlistment offices and collaborators.

Separately, the president heard the report of the Border Guard Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence Intelligence regarding the attitude towards our citizens – refugees in different countries, and regarding visa regimes.

He added that the main task now is weapons for soldiers: “New opportunities for our defense. New support packages from our partners.”

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  1. This sounds like something quite positive. We’ll see in about five days what this is.

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