Work of the L119 Howitzer in the Bakhmut direction (video)


Every metre is taken in blood, sweat, and losses: Situation in the Donetsk

Ukrainian defenders take every metre of their native land back in blood and losses. Soldiers can receive the next task at any second, so they are always on alert.

There are always enough targets in the Bakhmut direction. The British howitzer L119 helps the servicemen with their tasks perfectly. Our allies’ weapon helps to hit the enemy targets every day. But the Bakhmut bridgehead still remains the hottest direction in the Donetsk region.

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  1. The higher accuracy and longer range of Western howitzers continues to make the Ukrainian advantages in artillery grow steadily. Off course, having a better air and long-range capability would set a much faster pace for this and help save lives, but we have an administration fast asleep at the wheel.
    Anyhoo, good job, AFU!

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