Update from Ukraine | Denys Davydov (video)


What happened with the Leopard 2 Tanks in the South? Ukraine goes all in

Denys Davydov Telegram Channel https://t.me/pilotblog

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  1. It’s unfortunate that we still have officers that make such gross mistakes. Why are the troops moving in such a militarily stupid ways? Haven’t they learned anything in their training? You DO NOT BUNCH UP, EVER! Vehicles, troops, ships, whatever. You also don’t move blindly into an area unprepared. This is not the first time the cockroaches have ambushed AFU units like this.
    But, as Denys says, it’s war and such things will happen.
    Thanks to the Czechs at this point for the choppers. I don’t know why the Biden administration will not send Apache’s, at least, if no F-16s.
    As for the ruskie church, it is a filthy crime gang, made up of demon worshipers, not a church of Jesus Christ.

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