Scandalous Zakharova asked the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help the invaders seize Ukraine

Marta Gichko22:07, 19.08.232 minutes.367

She stated that supposedly it is necessary either to capitulate or return weapons against the Ukrainian authorities.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, turned to the Ukrainian military in the second year of the war. 

According to The Moscow Times , she asked to “assist the Russian army” in the capture of Ukraine.

“The same Ukrainian servicemen who – we are sure – understand the whole criminal nature of the gangster junta that seized their country, are strongly advised to turn their weapons against it or surrender to our troops. In these cases, a worthy humane treatment of everyone is guaranteed,” she said.

The disgraced representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that the “criminal Kiev regime” does not stop shelling Russian cities and villages with weapons received from NATO countries. 

This leads to casualties among civilians, in particular children. In addition, the “regime of Vladimir Zelensky” allegedly actively involves drones in terrorist attacks. 

Another such attempt was tonight in Moscow.”

The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating all these facts, and on the basis of these data, sentences are passed against “Ukrainian neo-Nazis” who used prohibited methods in an armed conflict, killed wounded prisoners of war, and also committed crimes against the civilian population, in particular, murders motivated by political and ideological hatred” – said Zakharova.

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  1. Ukraine should neither bend over for Moscow nor Brussels, but just defend its independent statehood and own vital interests. Maria obviously did inhale a badass red line of ass-transported coke from Zimbabwe.

  2. Wow, talk like that seems dangerous.

    Perhaps she’s really trying to give the Orc Mobiks and company ideas. Of course, she’d be killed for saying it so maybe this is her way of letting everyone in Russia what their situation is.

  3. She sounds desperate. Her precious army is being eaten like a pencil in a powered pencil sharpener with a broken off button.

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