Reznikov on step-down rumors: “I will quit when I run out of strength and sense of humor”

19.08.2023 23:00

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov commented on rumors of his potential dismissal from the post of Defense Minister and appointment as ambassador to the United Kingdom, saying he would be ready to resign himself once he doesn’t have strength and sense of humor to “laugh at those who want me out.

“Reznikov touched on the topic in an interview with Channel 24, Ukrinform reports.”When the president and I discussed his offer (regarding the ministerial post – ed.) in August 2021, he knew it wasn’t a dream job for me. We immediately discussed that this is a temporary story for me. I am not someone who wants to be a government official all his life.

I have no political ambitions.

He is aware of my plans and desire to give lectures and engage in private practice,” the minister of defense emphasized.He noted that the decision to appoint and dismiss defense and foreign ministers shall be made exclusively by the head of state.

At the same time, Reznikov added that he may resign himself if he no longer has “strength and sense of humor to laugh at those who want me out.

“At the same time, if he were offered the position of Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK, he is not certain he would accept this offer.

The question here is not “where?” but “why?”.

I am a project person, so if there’s a task, I will complete it. I’m not interested in getting a position just for the sake of it because I would still remain in the public service. And this is a very ungrateful endeavor as the only thing you get is criticism,” noted Reznikov.

As reported, in early August, one of Ukraine’s lawmakers claimed the Verkhovna Rada was discussing a possible reshuffle in the Cabinet involving the defense minister. People’s Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko also claimed Reznikov could be appointed ambassador to Britain.

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