Attack on Russian airfield in Novgorod Oblast: Drone damages aircraft

19 AUGUST 2023

On the morning of 19 August, the Ukrainian Defence Forces attacked a military airfield in Novgorod Oblast, Russian Federation, with drones, damaging at least one aircraft.

Source: Russian Defence Ministry 

Details: The Russian Defence Ministry reports that on Saturday, at about 10:00 Moscow time, Ukrainian troops attacked a military airfield in Novgorod Oblast with a copter-type UAV. The UAV was allegedly detected by the airfield’s surveillance post and hit by small arms fire.  A fire broke out on the airfield territory in the aircraft parking lot, which was promptly extinguished by fire crews, the Russian Defence Ministry claims.  The Russian Defence Ministry reports that “one plane was damaged” and there were no casualties.

Monitor, the Ukrainian Telegram channel, reports that two Tu-22M long-range supersonic bomber aircraft have been damaged at the Soltsy airfield.

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  1. Russia admits at least one aircraft damaged in drone attack on air base in Novgorod region….these means 3 were destroyed.

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