“An economic dwarf and a gas station with an atomic bomb”: Borrell took a hard walk through Russia

Ekaterina Limanskaya15:04, 08/19/232 minutes.78

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, spoke harshly against the terrorist country.

Russia is an “economic dwarf” and is analogous to “a gas station whose owner has an atomic bomb “. 

This was stated in an interview with El Pais by the head of foreign policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell.According to him, Russia is no match for China, which is a “true geopolitical player.

“It is Russia, and not China, that constitutes “a threat to European security,” the head of diplomacy emphasized. 

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin “sacrifices his army and population” for the sake of “his own survival”, since the military-strategic view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine turned out to be a failure.

Putin wanted a quick war, but it has been going on for 18 months and he is defending himself.

His project of quick conquest has turned into a complete fiasco. Russia has already paid a huge price in terms of material and human resources: it has lost 2,000 tanks, more than all the armies have Europe combined,” Borrell said.

He described the actions of the Russian Federation as “war crimes of a historical scale”, similar to the events of the Second World War.Borrell also acknowledged that European assistance to Ukraine was not fast enough.

“In some cases, tanks, Patriot missiles, aircraft – we started by saying no, only to end up doing it.”

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  1. All talk, no action.
    In March 2022, Borrell promised Ukraine that the EU would purchase several squadrons of Typhoons for Ukraine.
When do you expect to deliver Josep?

  2. “It is Russia, and not China, that constitutes “a threat to European security,”

    What else does bat virus do to open the eyes of such people as Borrell? The shithole is making it possible for mafia land to replenish its weapons and who knows what else. This also constitutes a threat to Europe. And, it’s very foolish to wait until bat virus land starts a war to declare it a threat. Remember, mafia land was also “not a threat” as the cancer called Merkel and Sarkozy made big business with it.

  3. Russia is the closes threat to Europe, but they are being supported by China now. Time to sanction the Red Chinks and let the chips fall where Xi apparently wants them to fall.

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