10:0 In Favor Of Ukraine: Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroy Russian River Fleet At Dnipro Mouth

The total extermination of enemy boats with the sabotage and reconnaissance groups on board began.


In the Kherson region, where a constant struggle for control over the islands at the mouth of the Dnipro continues, yesterday it was possible to destroy 10 enemy boats at once.

This was announced by the head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces Natalya Humenyuk on the air of the telethon.

“Over the past day, as many as 10 enemy boats have been destroyed. This is an attempt to maneuver between the islands. Again, all of them are actually civilian boats, converted for the needs of sabotage and reconnaissance groups,” Humenyuk said.

The press secretary added that 40 occupiers “followed the course of the Russian warship.” One large-caliber gun and five armored vehicles were also destroyed.

Regarding the boats, Humenyuk specified that the occupiers use these converted civilian boats, in addition to maneuvering the sabotage and reconnaissance groups between the islands, also for attempts to rotate personnel, transport ammunition and reconnaissance of the direction of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

“During the day they tried several times to carry out such maneuvers. Each time, our work was very accurate,” she said.

At the same time, when asked whether such a number of destroyed boats is a familiar statistic or is it considered a high figure, Humenyuk noted that this is “stubborn persistence” with which the enemy continues to send more and more sabotage and reconnaissance groups instead of those that did not return.

“That is, not believing in our accuracy, they nevertheless became convinced of it. In the end, the result is 10:0 in our favor,” the spokeswoman said.


      • Yes, but I don’t know how they counted them, seeing how grainy some videos are, and if all were wasted. Without a good video or good image, it’s only a guess. Of course, I always hope that it’s much more!

        • I too hope more orcs died than reported. Figure 10 modified civilian boats with crew of 4 is how they got their 40. But yes lower quality video makes it difficult to ascertain if orcs lived long enough to swim away. Unknown if armoured vehicles and gun were occupied/attended to when demilitarized. Still even without fine details it was a win for Ukraine and the AFU.

          • We also don’t know the sizes of those boats. I wish there was a video or at least some images of this engagement. I saw others on the river that were pretty cool to watch. I would love to see ten enemy boats being blasted.

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