The high season of Odessa tourist: how much does it cost to relax at the only seaside resort in the country

War is war, and vacations for Ukrainians are on schedule. Therefore, despite all the circumstances, Odessa is teeming with vacationers! Remaining the only seaside resort, and even with several officially open beaches, the city has become literally a center of attraction for domestic tourists who cannot afford foreign resorts, not because of the high cost, but because of physical inaccessibility.Establishments are bursting with visitors, the evening Deribasovskaya is becoming like a pre-war one, and the beaches are no longer overcrowded. Therefore, “Dumskaya” decided to calculate how much it costs to relax in Odessa today.


In Odessa, they continue to be guided by the golden rule – there is a demand, there will be a supply. 

And the demand for housing in the city is now at its peak, Olesya Mokraya, an expert in the field of real estate and real estate services, told Dumskaya.Booking accommodation should be done very well in advance. 

It is unlikely that it will be possible to rent a more or less affordable option “for tomorrow” – everything is busy.“

The point is that today Odessa is the only resort in Ukraine with access to the sea. All vacationers are domestic tourists,” explains Olesya.

But the current peak is very relative. Compared to the pre-war level, daily rent fell by half. So, from 170 UAH a night starts in a 4-5-bed hostel room, from 400 UAH – in a separate, but budget apartment in residential areas. In the Primorsky district, it is already twice as expensive – 800 UAH. 

And again, almost twice as expensive in Arcadia – from 1,500. An apartment “by the sea” from 2,500.“

The demand is huge, because because of the low price, people are choosing vacations that they could not afford before. 

In the meantime, landlords are not in the mood to raise prices, because they are thinking more about how to stay afloat,” continues Olesya.In hotels, prices start from 800 UAH. 

For this money, for example, there is a rather comfortable economy class room with a private bathroom. B + B, that is, breakfast is included. 

The same thing, but in a cozy Odessa courtyard in the center – already 1,200.Of course, there are luxury hotels with consistently high prices. All these glass boxes are almost at the very edge of the water. 

There prices range from 5,700 to more than 10,000 hryvnia. And this is the basic set, to which, if desired and possible, you can add another zero.

The main rule of a tourist who does not want to spend all the money in the world on housing is to book in advance.

ODESSA WILL FEED AND DRINKWhat about food? Our establishments offer not only Odessa, but also Mediterranean, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and other cuisines. 

Prices here, no matter how some restaurateurs assured, have risen by 30-50 percent compared to 2021.

“Mostly, the rise in prices affected alcohol (by 20%) and vegetable dishes (by 15-18%). This, alas, was inevitable. But the number of visits has dropped significantly. 

If before the war it was 800-1000 people a day, today it is 300-400,” says Natalia Kasumova, manager of a restaurant with traditional Odessa cuisine.Average bill – 700-800 UAH.

In Arcadia, which is traditionally the most expensive, price increases depend on the institution.“

We keep prices down just to stay afloat,” says the administrator of one of the establishments, who hopes to attract visitors with this.In addition, his club, famous for live music, and only in Ukrainian and English, has benefits for combatants. 

Many defenders and among the staff of the club.And again about luxury. In such establishments, the rise in prices may be twice as compared with the pre-war level (for individual positions).

One of the oldest beach clubs claims they are trying to keep prices down by simplifying the menu – instead of shrimp and lobster, dishes from Ukrainian products are now increasingly served here, and regional drinks are offered instead of French wine.“

If earlier the market was guided by the Big Mac index, then in Odessa it is the “oyster and a glass of prosecco” index. So, oysters in the city cost an average of 90-150 UAH, and prosecco – 110-150,” says marketer Olena.

A more budget option would be food in canteen-type establishments, where lunch with soup, a second course, salad, dessert and a cup of espresso will cost 180-250 UAH.In the end, if you can’t afford the establishments, you can always go to the Odessa market (and breathe in the color of Odessa to the fullest). 

There are fruits and vegetables, and river fish, and a tulka with crustaceans (our shrimp), and homemade cheese, and smoked meats that make your head spin, and much more interesting things. 

So if you are staying in an apartment with a kitchen, then consider home cooking.


As for a beach holiday, the prices for sun loungers in Odessa start from 150 UAH. In a freshly renovated club at Fontana 13, a place under the sun will cost you UAH 250, and at the 10th station – UAH 200. 

All sorts of tents, bungalows and other VIP-luxuries are, of course, more expensive.Judging by the number of vacationers just on the sand, many tourists have chosen this option. Cheap and not at all cheerful.

The price of visiting water parks has increased significantly. Today, an adult ticket for the whole day costs from 700 to 1000 UAH, and for a child – 400 – 650 UAH. Depends on the location of the institution itself (in Arcadia or Vanguard), the day of the week and any promotions. 

However, the financial expenses in the water park will not end there. Due to the fact that you can’t bring food and water into the territory, be mentally prepared for a pizza for 300 UAH and french fries for 120.

Well, again, a VIP luxury spa … The cost of a bungalow in different water parks varies from 1,000 to 4,000.

If we talk about entertainment without children, then a look at a concert in a nightclub in the most expensive club in Arcadia costs from 400 UAH. But you can choose simpler options – from 70 hryvnia. 

There are clubs where admission is free. But just in case, we remind you that high-profile events end at 22:00. You can sit in the institution for another hour, but with the music quieter . 

Well, spending less than 500 hryvnia per evening in the club itself is very problematic. There is simply no maximum here, as in the case of VIP hotels and restaurants.

And this is not to mention excursions, amusement parks, visiting theaters and so on and so forth and so on.And not that entertainment, but a necessary item of expenditure – moving around the city. 

At least on foot. Of the pros – it’s free, of the minuses – you won’t get far. The cheapest option is electric transport. With non-cash payment – 7 UAH one way. Next, the minibus – 15 UAH a trip. A taxi from Arcadia to Deribasovskaya will cost from 150 to 250 UAH (depending on the time of day and weather).

By the way, the cost of a taxi, for individual carriers, increased by only 10% compared to the pre-war level.


Odessa received a unique opportunity to become truly the first summer resort in the country. 

However, according to the observation of your editorial staff and the feedback that we receive from readers, there is no real movement towards improving the quality of services, alas. 

So we are the first, not because we are the best, but because we are the only ones.



  1. Odesa has always been my #1 in comparison with empoverished Crimea and stinky Mariupol. I will visit next summer again. This year i’m way too busy.

  2. For western tourists, these are attractive prices. Once the war is over, with a devastating russian defeat, the black sea coast of Ukraine will see a huge boom. Could become as popular as a vacation destination as Turkey!

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