New York Times sources claim that total losses of Ukraine and Russia are approaching 500,000

The total number of Ukrainian and Russian casualties in military personnel is estimated to have reached almost 500,000 in the year and a half of the full-scale war, most of them Russians.

Source: The New York Times quoting US officials, writes European Pravda.

Details: According to US estimates, the total number of Russian losses is 300,000, of which 120,000 are killed and 170,000-180,000 are wounded. According to the same calculations, Ukraine’s casualties amount to about 70,000 soldiers killed and 100,000-120,000 wounded.

The losses of the Russian Federation increased sharply in the winter and spring of this year during the battle for the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast: hundreds of Russian soldiers were killed or wounded every day. However, Ukraine also suffered heavy losses during the defence of the city.

Ukraine also suffered significant losses of “thousands of servicemen” in the first weeks of the counteroffensive, when it tried to break through the Russian defence lines in the south. There were also problems with evacuating the wounded and providing them with medical assistance on the battlefield.

After the change in tactics and the transition of shelling to Russian positions, Ukrainian losses have decreased significantly, but Washington now fears that Ukrainian ammunition reserves will run out rather quickly.

In addition, despite significant Russian losses, the country has a total of 1.33 million conscripts, while Ukraine has about 500,000, almost three times less, the US reports.

The US estimates are based on satellite images, intercepted telephone conversations, messages in social media and official data from Kyiv and Moscow. Both sides have not publicly disclosed their total losses.

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