Is a US Senator Getting Rich Off the Ukraine War?


  1. This can saves countless lives and limbs for Ukrainian soldiers, and even in the civilian world once it gets approved. As for this Tuberville guy, i don’t believe in coincidences, and as Paul points out, how can this guy trade every day, and still have time to do the job he’s paid to do?

    • Tuberville to fellow putler shill Laura Ingraham on Fox:

      “I haven’t voted for a dime to send Ukraine.”
      And : “at the end of the day, it’s a junior high team playing a college team. They can’t win,”..

      The man is a despicable asshole punk; laughing at Ukraine and enriching himself from the putler bloodbath.

      Btw, Fox owner: 93 year old Rupert Murdoch again demonstrates where his loyalties are. He is in a relationship with Roman Abramovich’s ex-mother-in-law: Elena Zhukova.

  2. First, trading options isn’t as exotic as the presenter suggests. You can find myriad YouTube videos telling you how to get in on it.

    Second, $25k isn’t actually rich nor a huge amount. You have to balance that off with the trades that didn’t work. Some do, many don’t.

    Third, Tuberville is known to be a huge trader and gets involved in commodities where he could have possible conflicts. So yeah, this guy is dicey but it’s not really Ukraine specific.

    Fourth, congress people trading on inside knowledge or things they regulate it a legitimate concern. Disclosures are supposed to catch conflicts.

    But yeah, most stick to meme stocks like Tesla with their trading. He certainly got a tip that this technology had potential and was going to be used.

    Based on his estimated net worth, this trade made him 0.2% wealthier. It’s really not that significant but trading by congress people should be better regulated for sure.

  3. This guy is full of shit. He’s raising conspiratorial crapola. How do you think politicians who come into office dirt poor and come out millionaires. This particular company’s information is publicly disclosed so of course anyone can make a determination and buy or sell. My biggest issue are the politicians who trade on non disclosed information. Some bullshit that the FDA made some disclosure to this committee is complete horseshit. And I’m speaking as someone who hates the government and spent over forty years in healthcare and biotech. I can tell you point blank this guy is an asshole. He should work for for the Washington Post.

    Yes the US needs laws that forbid politicians from trading stock with non public information, but at this point in time the crooks in Washington can do what they want. You want to arrest someone arrest ALL members of congress and senators who trade on private info.

    • Problem is, Tuberville invested in this company a few days before the test results came out, is that luck or insider trading?

      • Neither.

        It’s merely him getting word that the stuff is working.

        And also getting word that the results are coming out.

        I don’t believe for a second that anybody in the company disclosed inside information. He wouldn’t put himself at risk for such a small amount unless he is totally stupid.

        But yeah, he had good information based on his connections for sure.

  4. Some additional interesting information I just came across:

    “Alleged Russian crime boss sanctioned by Ukraine owns a major stake in US biotech firm”

    Russian billionaire Gavril Yushvaev is the company’s second-largest individual shareholder. Yushvaev holds an 8.7% stake in Humacyte that is worth nearly $28 million, according to data provider Refinitiv. That’s just ahead of institutional investors including BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

    (He got preferred stock in a round of funding before the company went public.)

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