Humeniuk: If we hit bridges, we hit pontoons as well


The invaders are trying to restore the operation of the Chongar and Henichesk bridges, arranging pontoon crossings there, but this will not help them.

Natalia Humeniuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, said this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Union Media Center.

“The bridges are significantly damaged, but the occupants are trying to repair them, launch transport links there, and even advertise the launch of a bus route. But this applies exclusively to passenger vehicles, because they (the bridges – ed.) will not withstand the passage of heavy military equipment and the transportation of ammunition. That’s why the occupants are trying to organize pontoon crossings there. But they should realize that if we hit the stationary bridges, we will hit the pontoons as well,” said Humeniuk.

She added that the work on rebuilding the Chongar and Henichesk bridges is progressing slowly, which significantly complicates logistics. The enemy has only the M17 highway through Armyansk to supply ammunition and equipment.

As reported, Ukrainian Defense Forces successfully attacked the Chongar Bridge on July 29.


  1. Good!
    Demolishing bridges that are used by the enemy is a viable and important aspect of any military operation when it is not possible to use the bridge yourself, regardless of what certain goofballs are saying.

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