Drone attacks Moscow again: Expocentre building damaged

18 AUGUST 2023


A drone attacked Moscow on the night of 17-18 August, an explosion was heard near the Moscow-City business centre, and the Expocentre [Russian exhibition company – ed.] building was damaged.

Source: Russian Telegram channels Baza and ShotVCHK-OGPU; Moscow Mayor Sobyanin on Telegram 

Details: Baza said the explosion occurred not far from the Moscow-City business centre buildings.

“Eyewitnesses saw a drone flying overhead a few seconds before the explosion,” Baza wrote.

The Shot Telegram channel reported that a small column of smoke was visible at the scene, and rescue workers had rushed there.

VCHK-OGP said the drone fell on the Expocentre building roof in the Moscow-City district, breaking through it.

At the same time, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin claimed that air defence forces downed the drone, but its debris fell in the area where the Expocentre building is located.

“Last night, air defence forces destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle during its attempt to enter Moscow. Drone debris fell in the area where the Expocentre building is located, but no significant damage was caused to the building. There were no casualties,” Sobyanin said.

Preliminary information provided by Baza said a collapse occurred in the Expocentre’s 8th pavilion over an area of 30 square metres.

Background: Drones attacked the Russian capital on the night of  29-30 July and 31 July-1 August, hitting the Moscow-City business centre.

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  1. It’s likely that Ukraine is developing long range cruise missiles that can hit Moscow. How far off they are is hard to know.
    They desperately need an equalizer.
    Suppose Biden could be persuaded to provide eg Tomahawks?
    Ukraine could publish an open letter to the putinaZis on the lines of:
    “We have irrefutable evidence: your fascist terror regime has been targeting civilians. We know from your Nazi social media how delighted your scum followers are whenever you murder our children.
    That’s why we hate you.
    Be on notice : infrastructure in Moscow will be increasingly attacked. If you murder even one more of our children, we will inflict the same horror on Muscovites that you inflicted on us.”

    • Tomahawks? We can’t get get the demented ice cream eating idiot to approve long range missiles. Tomahawks. Only in my dreams and Putin’s nightmares.

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