Russian helicopters are equipped with Western high-tech spare parts, – Yermak

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Sanctions need to be tightened so that the industry of the Russian Federation does not have technologies, they said in the OP.

Russia continues to produce Ka-52 helicopters using modern technologies.According to Andriy Yermak, head of the President’s Office, the aggressor country circumvents sanctions and finds the necessary parts for military equipment.

“In particular, chips, microprocessors, integrated circuits, receivers, flash memory, telecommunication transformers, transceivers, linear stabilizers, microcircuits, without which his work would be impossible, since Russia is not capable of manufacturing such technological products,” Yermak wrote.

According to him, it is necessary to strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation. It is important to ensure that Russia does not receive prohibited goods through intermediaries. 

The head of the Presidential Office promised to publish a document with additional proposals for sanctions against Russia in the near future.”

The Russian military-industrial complex should not have access to technology. We are studying ways in which Russia receives these components in circumvention of sanctions,” Yermak said.

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  1. Russia does not produce anything. Nada, no telephones, no chips, nor micro-processors. Everything is stolen illegally from abroad.

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