Russia mobilises tactical aircraft near the front

Ukraine’s Air Force reported that Russia has mobilised tactical aircraft on the eastern and southeastern fronts.

Source: Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote from Ukraine’s Air Force: “[Russian] tactical aircraft have been mobilised on the eastern and southeastern fronts. There is a threat of air attacks on frontline areas.”

Details: As of 00:15, air-raid warnings have been issued in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk oblasts.

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  1. I found this very disturbing piece:

    “We know that Russian military doctrine envisions using tactical nuclear weapons defensively, to turn the tide in a losing war. We should assume that Putin and his circle regard total defeat in Ukraine as a regime-threatening scenario. Combine those realities with a world where the Russians are suddenly being routed, their territorial gains evaporating, and you have the most nuclear-shadowed military situation since our naval blockade of Cuba in 1962.”

    Since Ukraine is not in NATO, only a nuclear shield could secure a Ukrainian victory.

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